Wolfgang Rihm’s Chiffre – Mar. 12, 2017

On March 12, 2017 Aventa embarks on Wolfgang Rihm’s Chiffre Cycle, with performances of Chiffre V and Chiffre VII. Described by Tom Service of The Guardian as one of the most approachable, engaging and profound composers writing music today, these works mark a pivotal point in the composer’s development. Emotions “turn on a dime”, from peaceful and meditative to demanding and violent. In his own words Rihm describes Chiffre VII as “theatrical, bleak and frosty, yet darkly splendid”.

(Rihm) one of the most approachable, engaging and profound composers writing music today – Tom Service, The Guardian

Munich based composer Moritz Eggert describes “Interior at Petworth” as “an expression of my increasing dissatisfaction with new music”. In particular, Moritz finds himself bored with pieces whose beginnings already evoke a clearly defined “style” and finds these works so often lack in vitality, freedom and real surprise. Written for an ensemble of seven – adventurous – musicians, there is no set course to this evening’s event!

Munich composer Moritz Eggert proves once again his lively and innovative ability to deal with uncommon concepts and places. (…) He fascinates his audience with charm and esprit. – Manuela Kerer, Dolomiten

Sunday, March 12th, 2017 8:00PM
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
(UVic School of Music, MacLaurin Building)
Tickets at the door $20
Pre-concert talk 7:15PM

Aventa Ensemble
Bill Linwood, conductor

Gerhard Staebler/Michael Oesterle – Den Mullfahrern von San Francisco (The Garbagemen of San Fransisco)
Wolfgang Rihm – Chiffre V and VII *
Philippe Leroux – AIR-RÉ
Moritz Eggert – Interior at Petworth *

* Canadian premieres

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